Test Facilities

Bruntingthorpe has a number of vehicle test facilities, making it an ideal location for vehicle test and development trials. At the heart of the 670 acre site is an impressive 6.4km circuit, including a 60m wide, 3.2km long straight – one of the longest in the country – which offers many flexible testing options. This is supplemented by a variety of other track facilities including

  • Various asphalt tracks
  • Numerous small dynamic platforms
  • Steering pad
  • Durability circuit, specifically constructed for durability testing of large platforms and construction vehicles
  • Sand road
  • Demanding cross country off-road track
  • High lift  tower
  • Stone moving area
  • Digging area; a flexible 3 acre digging area Bespoke features can often also be made to accommodate specific trials requirements.
  • Climatic chamber, capable of up to 85°C and ideal for elements of Defence Standard 0035.
  • EMC components test facility
  • EMC open area test site
  • Kart track, ideal for both karts and small vehicles such as Formula Student vehicles
  • Large workshops, including 5 ton overhead cranes and pits


Please contact us directly for the more detailed specification of each facility on paul.atkin@bruntingthorpe.com.