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Film & Photo Locations

The facilities, varied scenery and sheer scale of the Bruntingthorpe site provide a unique and popular backdrop for a variety of different film, video or photographic shoots. The wide range of buildings, agricultural fields, general countryside, roads, tracks and cars offer a huge selection to choose from! In addition there is an operational aircraft museum on site giving access to a wide and varied selection of jet aircraft to support your shoots – including a Boeing 747!

The sheer length of the 2 mile airfield runway also gives a clear horizon on a low camera shot.

The main 670 acre site is supplemented by a further agricultural site in excess of 400 acres. So with over 1,000 acres of facilities and features to choose from there’s usually something to meet most customer requirements.

The site has appeared regularly in TV motoring programmes such as Fifth Gear and Top Gear and has been featured in many advertisements, fashion shoots, music videos and feature films such as Mission Impossible.

The site is a secure site with 24 hour security, and we have many important facilities and services to support customer activities such as an on-site restaurant.