New customer facilities

Almost £50,000 has been invested in two new dining facilities and refurbished washrooms for staff, clients and visitors to Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground.  Coinciding with the opening of the new restaurant – called The Officers’ Mess to reflect the site’s historic military connections – Lutterworth-based Neil Green Catering has been appointed on-site caterer.

 The new dining facilities are part of Bruntingthorpe’s on-going customer enhancement programme designed to provide the best-possible working environment for the 100-plus staff, the scores of on-site customers’ employees and the many visitors to the site.

 “We have two dining areas,” explained Paul Atkin, Bruntingthorpe’s general manager for business development.  “The area serving the Manheim vehicle auctions held here was newly created when we transformed the former V-bomber hangar into a purpose-designed centre of Manheim.  Following on from that, we created a new kitchen and dining area – The Officers’ Mess – for our own staff, for our clients’ staff and for visitors.

 “We also took the opportunity to refurbish the male and female restrooms serving this part of the site.  They have been completely revamped.

 “At the end of July, when the new facilities and The Officers’ Mess were opened, we appointed Neil Green as our on-site caterer.  It makes good sense that our caterer for proving ground events is also our on-site caterer and we’re very happy with the service that Neil Green provides.”

 Neil Green Catering had been C Walton Ltd’s preferred caterer for events on the proving ground for some time.  And, since January 2011, the company has been providing catering for the on-site vehicle auctions.  Neil Green, who has more than 20 years’ catering experience, trained at the former Southfield College, now part of Leicester College.  Six years ago he started his own company.  Almost immediately he established a business relationship with Bruntingthorpe, catering for events on the proving ground.

 “Over the past five years our business has flourished, said Mr Green.  “We employ 27 full-time staff and have taken over a couple of companies.  We’re extremely pleased and very proud to have been appointed by the Waltons as Bruntingthorpe’s on-site caterers.  Many people do not realise just how much business and employment opportunities the Walton family bring to the area through their Bruntingthorpe operations.”