snow plough under test on proving ground

Vehicle Testing

The facilities at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground are ideal to meet your test and development requirements. Typical applications include the testing of:

  • Prototype vehicles
  • Endurance and emissions
  • Tyres
  • Components (suspension, steering and transmission)
  • Brakes and braking systems
  • Ride and handling characteristics
  • Engine mapping
  • High speed and general performance
  • High speed stability and manoeuvrability for cars, motorbikes, defence vehicles and HGV’s
  • Off road 4×4 vehicles (private, commercial and military)
  • Durability programmes
  • Mileage accumulation programmes
  • Unmanned ground vehicle  (UGV) assessment
  • Type approval certification

Bruntingthorpe also offer the opportunity to manage your test and development programme for you, including provision of all test drivers if required.

The extensive range of test facilities includes:

  • Various asphalt tracks
  • Numerous small dynamic platforms
  • Steering pad
  • Durability circuit
  • Sand road
  • Cross country off road track
  • Digging area
  • Stone moving area
  • High lift tower
  • Climatic chamber
  • EMC components test facility
  • EMC open area test site
  • Kart track

As an operational airfield, the site also offers the opportunity for clients to fly into the site or even have vehicles delivered by air. Both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters can be accommodated.


Please Note…

There is a strict noise enforcement policy on site at Bruntingthorpe. All vehicles using the site must be silenced to road legal standards and there can be no exceptions to this policy.